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Modern SMP a 100% pure vanilla experience Minecraft server with about 30 members, but don't let that fool you! We may be small but we are mighty! We have Everything from diamond armor give aways, to navy ships!

What you'll find in Modern SMP
Started by whisperinwind87

Modern SMP might not be the biggest or most active server, but it's got it fun quirks. We have a chaotic spawn filled with shops and starter bases with paths leading to most places. We have a courthouse, a megamall being constructed, as well as an amusement park also in progress. The people here are all nice and will try to help you out when you die so you don't lose your stuff. Some people are quite, tending to stay to themselves for the most part, while others are real pranksters. We take all kinds as long as you follow the rules. Everything might not be pretty, and we might have a bit of lag, and not have super-efficient farms, but we're like one big chaotic family!

5 months ago