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Modern SMP a 100% pure vanilla experience Minecraft server with about 30 members, but don't let that fool you! We may be small but we are mighty! We have Everything from diamond armor give aways, to navy ships!

Modern SMP monthly recap!
Started by Need_Not

Modern SMP is over one month old meaning it's time for the Modern SMP monthly recap!


The Modern SMP website has gotten a revamp although we are not fully done enjoy the fresh look!


Just after being open for only 5 days the ender dragon was killed!

1.14.2 crashed the server! A lot of you players want the server to be on 1.14 but the server simply can't handle it a few days ago we loaded the server in 1.14.2 and the server crashed after just 2 players joining!

so we simply won't be updating the server any time soon!


Offical Modern SMP wiki

Better dynmap

Bigger whitelist 

and more!

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How do I join?

6 months ago

it's whitelist so need_not controls who joins

6 months ago