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Modern SMP a 100% pure vanilla experience Minecraft server with about 30 members, but don't let that fool you! We may be small but we are mighty! We have Everything from diamond armor give aways, to navy ships!

Modern SMP is officially open!
Started by Need_Not

Hey guys! did you know that Modern SMP is officially open!

That's right! Modern SMP is officially open to anyone if you find any bugs just post them on my profile

Also, you can't join because you're not on the whitelist so make sure you apply here and that  you read the rules here and I want to give a big thanks to @lonewarwolf for helping with the funds of the server!

Also tell your friends well i think that's it for this thread enjoy playing!


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9 months agoLast edited: 7 months ago

I wish you the best of luck with the Minecraft server. Hopefully, many memories will be made.

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9 months ago

Hey, Is anyone willing to do a quest? I will pay for it. Reply for more...

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7 months ago

How do I join the server?

6 months ago